Intelligent Programming Solutions

... where success is a journey not a destination


IPS is a small business dedicated to provide satisfaction to its customers through high quality service and innovative products.

We provide affordable programming solutions to cater for your business requirements.

Our experience lies in numerous industries ranging from small business retails to financial institutions.

At IPS we invest time to work with you, because we believe that your thoughts and our experience creates intelligent programming solutions.

We are your programming solution!


Our business is to analyse, design and implement software programs for business companies. The main profession is Database systems.

We specialise in Visual Studio .Net programming including Visual Basic.NET. Our products may require storage of information (depending on user specs). We know that information is extremely valuable to businesses so we determine to make sure it is safe, secure and accessible to you. Databases can range from simple text files to MS SQL servers as well as MySQL databases.

Our job is to also maintain our products to make sure they are always in their best stage of performance.

Updating the products is also one of our services to make sure our products continue to meet customer demand.


Our programs are simply an online computerised database that will do the job of all the manual paper work for any type of company . For example, if you own a book shop we can design a web page (or just a stand alone program) for you that will handle quotes for customers as well as placing orders, maintaining shop inventory, creating invoices, managing employee pay and work hours, stock take, stock issues, etc...

In other words, we can provide you with a product that will take care of all your business needs, a product that will store all your database information and manage it for you in the best intelligent way. No wonder why we are the Intelligent Programming Solutions.

We provide software of all needs for all business purposes. Call us for an intelligent solution.

We believe that success is a journey rather than a destination.


  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia